Yangshuo Impression Liu Sanjie Night Show

Liu Sanjie is a fairy singer in the folk tales of Guangxi Zhuang minority people. In 1961, the film "Liu Sanjie" was shot in Yangshuo, Guilin and released. Thereafter, the breathtaking Guilin landscape and beautiful Zhuang folk songs swept the nation and soon, the Southeast Asian countries. More and more people travel to Yangshuo Guilin, with purpose of exploring the surreal natural world, and looking for traces of Liu Sanjie and the Guangxi folk songs. Later in 2004, the subject-live performance "Impression Liu Sanjie", directed by Zhang Yimou, one of China?s most famous directors, officially opened. The location of Impression Liu Sanjie night show is the intersection of Li River and Tian Jia River, which was also the main shooting site of the the film "Liu Sanjie". The theater of "Impression Liu Sanjie" is the world?s biggest landscape live theater, with two-kilometer-long Li river, twelve limestone peaks and the immerse sky as its natural background.

 The Impression Liu Sanjie light show in Yangshuo plays every night and there are several types of tickets and prices, depending on the location and comfort of the seats.Impression liu Sanjie show ticket pricesC:198RMB  B1: 320RMB  B2: 238RMB  A1: 480RMB  A2: 680RMB
  • The B2-tickets of 238 RMB offer a guaranteed good visibility from the center a bit higher up the stage albeit on a basic plastic seat.
  • The B1-seat tickets are located a bit higher up the stage and offer a bamboo chair with back support and are priced at 320RMB per ticket.
  • Nice for parents to know is that children below 1.1m can join for free and between 1.1 ? 1.4m they can get an extra little seat in front of mom or dad for just 100 RMB, no matter what type of tickets the parents have chosen.
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